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Welcome to THE UNM 5

Choosing to go to UNM and obtain a degree is a big commitment. It’s a commitment. It’s a commitment  to your goals. It’s a commitment to your career. It’s a commitment to your future. While attending UNM, you have the option to be involved in many opportunities. Everything you do at UNM is helping you get ONE STEP closer to starting your career.

Are you career ready?

The UNM 5 are the top skills employers are seeking in you, their potential employee. Being career ready involves understanding and articulating all you have learned and know about your field PLUS being able to apply that knowledge in the workplace. These UNM5 skills will prepare you for a successful transition from UNM into the workplace! The UNM 5 will get you started on a path of success!

The UNM5 can also help you develop the skills needed to change the world. For instance, to be an effective leader, you need to develop your ethical compass, expand your data analysis skillset, become a more effective communicator, and master group & team dynamics. To be an effective advocate for social change, you need to work on your own personal development, develop strong contextual communication skills, and understand values and beliefs from multiple perspectives. Explore the UNM5, and find your path to a better world.

Leadership, diversity and service learning are overarching values that encompass and make up all the UNM 5 skills. When looking over the UNM 5 skills, start to formulate a plan for your career path. You want to choose activities and classes that correspond to the skills you want to learn and master. This could include volunteering with student organizations, getting a leadership position that incorporate your values, taking a public speaking course or getting an internship during the summer. In addition, you want to apply these skills to your future career plans - weather that be continuing your education or moving into your career position after graduation.

This website helps you get started on obtaining YOUR UNM 5 skills set for success. For more information, or if you want to talk through UNM 5 further, please contact Career Services at

Good luck!

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The UNM 5 helps you articulate to students the concepts you will help them master, and helps you define and measure the impact you have on student learning.

First, by visibly attaching UNM 5 skills and subskills to each student event or opportunity you sponsor, students will be able to seek out your programs that best match their personal learning and professional goals. By utilizing the UNM 5 language, you can further help students articulate their lessons learned in terms that future employers will recognize and value.

Second, by knowing which UNM 5 skills and subskills your program(s) most emphasize, you are halfway to forming strong student learning outcomes. For instance, when you know that most of your programs involve students developing strong active listening skills, then you can develop methods that help you determine how effectively you are teaching those skills (through surveys, focus groups, observations, pre/post assessments, etc).

If you are interested in using UNM 5 skills in your event marketing, please email to receive a copy of the UNM 5 logo to use at your discretion.

If you would like to learn more about how you can maximize the UNM 5, please email Jenna Crabb, Director of Career Services, at, or Tim Schroeder, Director of the UNM STEM Collaborative, at